About Pura Kosmetica

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PURA KOSMETICA is a professional line based on natural vegetable ingredients selected to guarantee high performance, while respecting the skin and hair.

PURA KOSMETICA products have been made precisely as a result of this awareness: naturalness is a valuable commodity because within a product it also guarantees gentleness.

Choosing PURA KOSMETICA means opting for a product that is twice as effective. Professional, high quality, able to ensure high performance on one end, gentle, respectful and effective on the other.

With PURA KOSMETICA your hair is treated, brightened but above all, respected.

PURA KOSMETICA hair cosmetics are 100% Made in Italy and are synonymous with reliability. Not only because they have to comply with the very restrictive parameters that "measure" the quality, but also because they are inspired by an environment based on tradition and beauty.